Your partner for membrane characterization

Are you a membrane manufacturer / researcher? Novamem offers the full range of membrane characterization methods. We use ASTM and state of the art experimental methods to fully characterize your membrane.


  • bacteria retention & sterile filtration (ASTM F838)
  • bubble point measurement (ASTM F316)
  • molecular weight cut-off (MWCO)
  • flow rate and much more

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A dextran rejection test is used to determine the molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) of a membrane.

A reliable partner for your specific demands

Do you  have very specific demands for a membrane, which you just could not find anywhere on the market? Besides ready-to-use membrane products, Novamem’s patented technology enables a broad spectrum of tailored solutions. We are experienced in manufacturing membranes with pore sizes / molecular cut-off’s specifically for your need. Due to our expertise in polymer engineering we can confect a vast range of polymers into porous membranes – most probably also yours!

We also offer to characterize and analyze the performance of your membrane. No matter if molecular weight cut-off or flow rate determination is requested or if you are specifically interested in pore size distribution and membrane morphology: we have it all!


  • Membranes with specific pore size and / or thickness
  • Micro- and nanoporous membranes from your specific polymer
  • Micron-thin non-porous top layers (e.g. polymer for diffusive gas separation) on porous support membrane
  • Incorporation of catalytic beads into a polymer membrane, establishment of a catalytically active membrane

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